Why is Lebanon the perfect destination for a superb holiday?

Lebanon, though is considered a relatively small country, enjoys a lot of perks. Moreover, this Meddeterian hidden gem is proved to be an ideal destination for holidays. Not only is the country gorgeous, but there are also several other reasons that make Lebanon a superb holiday such as: 

The countries flattering weather 

The country enjoys typical Meddterian weather throughout the year. Winter days are small while also being very mild, with average temperatures around 14 °C. You can always experience the beauty of pure white snow in the mountains. 

On the other hand, the days are long, constantly sunny, and muggy though are tempered by refreshing sea breezes.  

Furthermore, spring and autumn weather consists of a balance between the previous seasons. A person could be enjoying skiing in the morning and later go bath under the sun’s heat on the beach. 

Amazing and mouth-watering cuisine 

The deliciousness of Lebanese food cannot be over-exaggerated and it is highly known all over the world. Being a checkpoint for a lot of cultures throughout the years helped the country perfect its cuisine. 

Recipes are passed down through generations and enjoyed by everyone who had the pleasure of tasting them. From their world-famous salad “tabouli” to the amazing bbq recipes, the Lebanese cuisine has plates for everyone.  

Moreover, the country is widely known for its small plates also known locally as the mezze. This gives everyone the perfect opportunity to try out everything on the table. Furthermore, The country is the home of hummus, Mutabal, and baba Ghanouj which are the perfect dips to add to any plate.  

The knowledge of several Languages  

Though the locals’ native language is Arabic almost everyone in Lebanon knows a second language. Communication isn’t hard since you can always find someone who is very experienced in speaking either English or french. Furthermore, most street signs are translated to either one of those languages. 

Fascinating history 

Not only was the country a host of one the oldest civilizations in history, but it is also home to some of the best-preserved ancient civilizations ruins on earth. Furthermore,  visiting any of the ruin’s locations will prove to be a once in a lifetime experience. It is like walking between the pages of history.  

Moreover, Jupiter’s temple is considered one of the largest Roman temples on the planet. Despite its ancient age, the country tries its best to keep it preserved.  

In addition, there are many other historical sights scattered throughout the country. They’re the footprint of several different cultures that blessed the country throughout the years. 

Peaceful and amazing nature 

Lebanon is the perfect destination for any nature-loving and outdoor person. The country boasts amazing greenery in its mountains and valleys. Thus, visitors and locals get to enjoy hiking, riding a bike, or simply enjoying a picnic in its breath-taking views.  

Furthermore, the green landscape can prove to be an amazing paradise for campers, families, and couples.  

There, visitors get to reconnect with their souls while reconnecting with mother nature.  

Classy Hotels 

The country has some of the best hotels in the region. It is a home for many fancy, luxurious and five stars hotels that are scattered all across the country. Thus visitors can find them everywhere and not only in the capital. Moreover, they’re internationally known for their top service and lovely views.   

Modern yet traditional cities 

Since Lebanon was ruled by Romans, Arabs, Mamluks, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Umayyads, the French and the Ottomans, it has a very unique culture. However, the country isn’t stuck in time. Thus. while staying true to its history the country and especially the capital enjoy a great sense of modernity.  

Moreover, expect to find many trendy and fun locations scattered across the land. 

Fun nightlife 

The country offers many great experiences for party lovers. From fancy nightclubs, bars to beach parties, Lebanon has it all. Moreover, it also hosts many international singers from time to time.  

There, visitors get to live the most fun wild nights of their lives. 

Great art museums 

Lebanon hosts amazing and unique art museums that are famous for their uniqueness throughout the middle east. The museums provide a platform for the work of many famous artists as well as newbies. They also provide an air of creativity with a touch of Lebanese delights.  

Most of them display a wide variety of arts for international artists as well as locals 

Many natural beaches 

Located across the Medderrian sea, the country offers a wide variety of beaches scattered across its coast. The beaches there provide a great fill for summer days craving where visitors get to enjoy very fun and thrilling water activities or simply enjoy the sun’s heat. 

Welcoming and wonderful locals 

Wherever they go, visitors are bound to be showered with Lebanese hospitality. Moreover, since the country is a home for a clash of identities and cultures, Lebanon can prove to be accepting of everyone. In addition, the Lebanese are famous for being fun and really knowing how to have a good time. 

Meeting the local people is one of the most enchanting parts of traveling to the country. They often give insight into their traditions as well as share fun anecdotes about their life in their home country.  


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