Top Italian Restaurants in Lebanon

Even though Lebanon’s cuisine is a must-try while visiting there, the country hosts many different amazing restaurants that serve international foods. In Lebanon, both locals and visitors get to enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine in many different restaurants.

The following restaurants are widely considered the top Italian restaurants in the country: 

1. Popolo 

Located in Beirut, Popolo is regarded as one of  Beirut’s most revisionist Italian kitchens. The restaurant is widely known for its inner decoration. There, visitors get to appreciate the beauty of the Mediterranian all while eating their heart’s desires. 

Moreover, the place offers a wide variety of Italian food as well as some Lebanese cuisine. When you visit make sure you get a taste of their infamous home-made limoncello as well as their delicious risotto. 

2. Margherita Pizzeria 

Located in Jounieh, this pizzeria is well known for its cozy and homely atmosphere. There, They serve pure mouthwatering Italian homemade food that leaves visitors asking for more. Moreover, The place serves some fine wine along with the amazing plates. With their top-notch service, customers always feel welcome and at home. 

3. Tartina Di Mare 

Located in Jounieh, this place is a perfect example of mixing food and casualness. The place is perfect for friends and families. 

Moreover, The place only ever uses high-quality ingredients which ultimately shows within their servings. Enjoy the amazing Italian food while relaxing in its friendly atmosphere. Make sure to check the  Lychee tiramisu dessert if you ever visited the place. 

4. Gavi 

Gavi is a great Italian restaurant that mixes food with luxury. Located in Beirut’s downtown, the place is also known for its modern décor. Moreover, the place takes pride with its excellent service and very knowledgeable waiters. Furthermore, they serve great wine and other drinks. If you’re ever there make sure to try their mouthwatering gnocchi. 

5. Al Forno 

Located in Zaytouna Bay, this restaurant offers its visitors a great view along with a calming and peaceful atmosphere. With their hot oven-baked pizzas and a wide variety of other Italian food, Al Forno is a great place to dine in. 

Moreover, they have a great vegetarian menu and the service is always great. 

6. Mario e Mario 

Located in the heart of Achrafieh, the restaurant is famous for its most heartwarming authentic Italian food in the whole country. This father-son establishment was the long-awaited dream of both Mario senior and Mario jr. Mario (father) wanted to share his tradition and culture with Lebanon, thus he opened this lovely Italian restaurant. 

The place is known for its quality service along with its friendly atmosphere. 

Make sure to try the Melanzane plate for an unforgettable taste and experience. 

7. Olio 

Olio is considered one of the most beloved restaurants in Hamra by the locals. Not only is the place great for hanging out with family and friends, but it is also very wallet-friendly. Moreover, olio offers a very wide range of food but the restaurants always deliver with high quality.  

Head over to olio for a peaceful and quiet dinner or lunch and enjoy the friendly service.  

8. La Pizzeria 

Located in Gouraud Street, this restaurant serves one of the best pizzas in Lebanon. Made with 100% Italian flour and baked in a traditional wood oven, the pizza there is very Italiano and extremely delicious. Moreover, both the service and the atmosphere are very welcoming and friendly.  

When visiting make sure to try their Margherita pizza, it’s so good. 

9. Tavolina 

Here you’ll find the finest traditional Italian cuisine served in a warm, cozy, and welcoming setting. Furthermore, not only does the restaurant offer a diverse menu but it also offers a great service along with deliveries. There everything is designed to make you feel as if you’re in the heart of Italy. 

While there make sure to try one of their signature dishes which include Shiitake mushrooms in sea urchin sauce, Buffalo salad, and truffle pasta. 

10. Marinella 

As a light, airy, stylish, and contemporary trattoria, Marinella is a very lovely Italian restaurant. Moreover, its intimate interior design serves as a welcoming gesture for all the customers. Furthermore, the place offers a spot-on Italian menu that features a high-quality selection of Italian dishes. 

The place also offers a large wine list that includes French, Italian, and Lebanese wines, along with beers and spirits. 

11. PZZA.CO 

One of the best highlights of this restaurant is its open kitchen. At customers get to be mesmerized as they watch the chefs twirl and swirl the pizza dough high up in the air in a mouthwatering gesture. Moreover, the place offers a great variety of pizza topping along with other Italian dishes.  

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of unique and sweet food check out their lotus pizza as a dessert. 

12. Dottore 

With lots of 100 years old Neapolitan recipes, the restaurant takes pride in its unique and delicious Italian food. The restaurant is located in al Hama and it offers a great variety of food.  

At Dottore, you feel cozy and welcome as you enjoy a good bite and their friendly service. 


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