Top 10 universities in Lebanon

Seeking upper education is now considered vital in securing one’s future. Thus, choosing the right college is an essential step toward reaching this goal.  Though Lebanon is globally recognized as a third world nation, the country takes pride in its elite universities and the quality education they provide. The following listed universities are considered the best around the country:

1. The American University in Beirut (AUB):

Founded in 1886 and located in Bliss, Beirut, this university is considered the most prestigious one out of all the universities in the country. Not only did it rank 2nd among the universities of the Arab region, but it also placed 228th in the world. With about 8,400 students living on and off-campus, AUB continues to provide the best form of education for its national and international students alike.

Moreover, the university consists out of seven faculties that provide more than 130 programs. Those programs are divided among Undergraduate, Graduate and Ph.D. studies in many different fields. It is, also, a member of various international associations and programs.

This Private Secular College has successfully cooperated with many overseas institutions in order to provide its students with the newest studies and programs. AUB additionally ranks among the 300 top universities around the world, in the medical field, according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016. The university mainly conducts its education through the English language.

2. Lebanese American University (LAU)

What first started out as some educational classes provided for girls in the 19s, have evolved over the years to become the second-best university around Lebanon. The university was first named “Lebanese American University” in 1992 and the New England Commission of Higher Education currently accredits it. Additionally, Not only did it rank in 651-700 among all universities in the world but it also placed 15th in the Arab regions. With 19% percent of its students coming from abroad, LAU provides a form of education for all its 8,300 students national and international alike.

The university also takes pride in being a member of the American International Colleges and Universities Association, which facilitates student exchanges and allows information to be shared amongst member institutions.

Moreover, it is also a private secular the university conducts its various programs thorough the English language mainly. LAU has two campuses across Lebanon; one is located in Beirut while the other is in Byblos.

3. Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (USJ)

Also known as, Saint Joseph University, USJ is considered one of the country’s oldest and best universities. Not only does it the only university in the Middle East to adhere to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), the university also manages to uphold the laws on higher education in Lebanon.

Moreover, it has been accredited by AERES, a French academic research center, where it is viewed as one of their top 10 universities. This university ranks 17th in the Arab region and 491-500* in the world.

Even though it mainly uses French as its medium, USJ offers courses in other multiple languages. In addition, with 12,000 students enrolled and around 2,000 teachers, Saint Joseph University pride itself on its student to faculty members ratio that allows them to provide the best educational services.

4. Université Libanaise (UL)

Founded in 1951, the Lebanese University is the first and only non-profit public higher education institution in all of the country. At first, it was not established as a full university but a small unit.

However, in 1959 the government published an official decree that announces the institute as the functional, official local university of Lebanon. While the main campus is located in Beirut and has almost 45,000 enrolled students, UL has several branch campuses all over Lebanon of which provide higher education programs for both international and national students.

This institution is officially accredited, recognized and overviewed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon.

5. University of Balamand

First established in 1988, the University of Balamand is a non-profit and private institution that offers great higher education programs.

UOB’s main campus is located in El-Koura but the university also has another campus in Beirut. With a population of almost 5000 students, the institute offers Distance Learning along with on-campus programs.

In addition, this coeducational higher education institution is formally affiliated with the Christian-Orthodox religion. It is also officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon.

6. Beirut Arab University

Founded in 1960, the BAU University is considered one of the country’s top universities in the field of medicine. This institution has campuses all over Lebanon including Debbieh, Tripoli, Bekaa, and Beirut.

With almost 14,000 international and national enrolled students, the university takes pride in their bachelor, master, and doctorate programs that cover several areas and different fields of study.

Moreover, it is officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon. Not only does this institute offer a welcoming environment but it also enhances the student’s academic skills.

7. Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU)

 The Maronite Order of The Blessed Virgin Mary (OMM) founded Notre Dame University in 1987 in cooperation with Beirut University College. NDU is a non-profit private higher education institution that has two campuses.

The main campus is located in Zouk Mosbeh town while the other is in Barsa. The university hosts almost 5,000 students and provides them with great bachelor, master, and doctorate programs.

The institute is also accredited by Lebanon’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Moreover, NDU is formally affiliated with the Christian-Catholic religion and has “Gaudium De Varitate” which translates to “Joy in the Truth” as its motto.

8. Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (USEK)

The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik is a private nonprofit institution that was founded in 1938 by the Lebanese Maronite Order (LMO). The university has been officially accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and provides the best educational programs in many areas of studies.

Additionally, it is a catholic university and their motto is “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will lead you to the whole truth (Jn 16 13)”. While the main branch is in Jounieh, USEK has campuses all over Lebanon including Zahle, Chekka, Rmeich, and Jbeil. The university also offers distance learning along with other services.

9. Lebanese International University

Even though the LIU has only been founded in 2001, this institution has been growing and reaching toward its rightful place in the top 10 Lebanese universities. LIU has campuses spread all over the country including Beirut, tripoli, Saida, Bekaa, Nabatieh, Riyadh, Sana’a, Aden, Abu Dhabi, Damascus, Cairo, Alexandria.

In addition, LIU offers courses and programs that are officially recognized as higher education degrees such as bachelor’s, master and doctorate degrees in several areas of studies. With almost 35000 students, the university takes pride in its motto “Together towards a Better Future” and works hard toward achieving it.

10. Haigazian University

The university first started as a small college that serves the Armenian community in 1955. Then in 1996, the institute evolved to become a full university that not only serves students from all nationalities but it is also officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Even though this university is considered small with only one campus located in Beirut and almost 900 students, HU provides top-notch bachelor and master programs in many different fields.


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