Best Restaurants in Lebanon

Lebanon’s mixed cultures are one of the main contributors to making Lebanese cuisine one of the best there is in the whole Arab region.

Not only is the food in this Mediterranean country mouthwatering and delicious, but it is also exquisite and very unique. Thus, if you’re ever in the country make sure to visit at least one of these top restaurants in Lebanon. 

1. Al-Sultan Brahim 

Renewed as one of the best restaurants in the country, Al-Sultan Brahim restaurant has been serving the best plates for more than half a century. While the restaurant is commonly known for its fascinating seafood menu, Al-sultan also offers other plates for non-sea-food lovers. 

Moreover,  the League of Arab States recognized the restaurants as  Best Restaurant in the Arab World in 2016. The restaurant also has 2 branches in Lebanon: one located in Beirut’s downtown while the other is in Jounieh.  

Furthermore, both the branches are known for their elegance as well as their top-notch and professional service.  

2. Babel Bahr 

Spelled as bab el Bahr, the restaurant is worthy of its name which means the door of the sea.  Babel Bahr is a seafood restaurant but it also provides other options on its delicately chosen menu.  

There, the best cooks reimagined the sophisticated traditional Lebanese recipes offer a progressive cuisine all while staying true to their origin. Moreover, the restaurant has 3 branches all over Lebanon: one in Jbeil, a second in Dbayeh, and a third in the capital Beirut. 

3. L’Os Restaurant 

 L’Os restaurant is well known for serving their top tier delicious traditional Lebanese plates since the 1960s. The restaurant resides on a hill and in between the trees where visitors get to enjoy their meal while appreciating Lebanon’s nature. The place offers a wide range of food on their menu that also includes many international plates. Moreover, with a friendly and passionate staff, you are bound to fall in love with the place. 

When you visit there, make sure to taste their french homemade renowned garlic bread. 

4. Em Sherif 

For a classy Lebanese experience, go visit em Sherif restaurant. The places always host the finest entertainment as a form of a live band. Thus, not only do visitors get to taste the amazing food but they also get a taste of the ‘Tarab’ and traditional Oriental music.  

Moreover, the place has a luxurious vibe where families, friends, and couples get to relax and enjoy their beautiful interior.  

Furthermore, Em Sherif herself carefully takes food supervising matters into her own hands. She always makes sure to welcome customers and make sure they are enjoying their time at her restaurant. 

5. Al Halabi Restaurant 

Al Halabi restaurant will make sure you fall in love with their mouth-watering plates. The place offers high-quality food along with a menu filled with a wide variety of food. There, you get to enjoy a perfect unforgettable meal with your friends and family. Moreover, with their great sense of hospitality, you always feel welcome as you experience their professional and friendly services.  

Al Halabi Restaurant is also the best place for meat lovers. There, they serve the best raw meat in all of Hamra.  

6. Maison M Restaurant 

Maison M Restaurant provides you with a unique experience in the world of Lebanese cuisine. There, they offer a wide variety of Lebanese plates though with a little kind of twist. They often reinvent the traditional recipes all while staying faithful to their decades-old Lebanese origin.  

Moreover, the place is well known for its cozy and peaceful vibe where customers enjoy their classy meals.  

If you ever visit the place, make sure to try their Maajouka, an original plate made of bulgur, lentils, spring onions, chili paste, and debs el remmen. 

7. Babel 

Babel is one of the best restaurants in the country for vegans. The place offers a unique menu filled with a wide variety of food which ranges from delicious and fresh seafood to traditional Lebanese food. Moreover, they offer some quite creative recipes where they serve traditional Lebanese food while adding their own special twist to it.  

Located in the heart of Zaytouna bay, the place also offers an amazing view of the Meddeterian. The place is also popular for its peaceful and refreshing atmosphere along with its friendly waiters.  

8. The Met Metropolitan Eatery 

With a fancy interior, the Met is a perfect place to grab a bite after spending the entire day shopping in the near Beirut souks. The place offers a great variety of food which often leaves the customers asking for more. From sushi to burgers and from Meze to Beef, they have it all.  

Moreover, The place also provides amazing desserts served in such a creative, artful, and appetizing way.  

9-.“B” by Ellefteriads 

“B” by Ellefteriads is a fancy, cozy and delightful restaurant located in Lebanon’s capital Beirut. The place takes pride with its topnotch entertainment where they host live music bands and feature international musicians from time to time. 

Moreover, the restaurant offers a traditional Medditarian menu but with creative twists that result in a unique taste. The place also offers a great drinks menu that includes rare alcohol bottles.  

When you experience the place, try their Overnight Braised Beef. it is made out of Rioplatense prime beef slowly and carefully cooked over the course of 18 hours. 

10. Liza Beirut restaurant 

Fresh, light, and generous, this luxurious restaurant is well known for its chic, authentic, and elegant ambiance. The place offers a traditional Mediterrane vibe while also being modern and classy.  

Moreover, the founders take pride in their exquisite menu made of Niçoise Mediterranean cuisine with a Ligurian Italian influence. The pace also offers some rare and expensive alcohol dating back to 1982.  

While visiting the restaurant, make sure not to miss their  Contre-Fillet plate, the Galettes de Pommes de Terre, or the Sauce Bordelaise. 


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