Best Lebanese Singers of all Time

Lebanon has birthed many significant and influential artists since the beginning of time. The country’s very own unique culture and history have provided artists with an accepting platform along with an encouraging audience.

Therefore, enabling them to produce all forms of great arts. Thus the following are considered the best and most influential singers of the Lebanese world. 

1. Fairuz 

Lebanon’s pride and pupil, Fairuz is considered one of the, if not the, greatest Arabic singers of all time. However, her real name is Nouhad Wadie’ Haddad and she had been blessing the world with her songs since the 1950s.  

Not only is she an icon loved by people of all ages, but she is also known as the First Lady of Lebanese singing. Her name reached international acclaim as well as dominance in the Arab artistic world. Moreover, she is considered a role model for almost every aspiring Lebanese singer. 

2. Wadih Al Safi 

Wadih al Safi has shaped the culture of  Lebanese music as we know it today. Safi wasn’t only a singer, but he was also a songwriter, composer, and actor. Many view him as a national treasure who left a huge print in Arabic art history.  

Throughout his long career, he created over 5,000 songs and collaborated with many renewed artists. Moreover, he is famous for his Mawawil which is an improvised style of singing.  

3. Sabah 

Nicknamed as “Empress of the Lebanese Song” as well as the  “Shahroura”, Sabah’s vocals were a force to be reckoned with. Throughout her long life, Sabah released over 50 albums. She also starred in 98 movies as well as over 20 Lebanese stage plays. 

Moreover, she received many awards and honors during her lengthy career.  

Before she died in 2014, she wished for her funeral attendees not to cry but to dance Debkah and enjoy her music during her wake.  

4. Melhem Barakat 

As a singer, songwriter, and melodist, Barakat left a significant mark in Lebanese music history. He is famous for his unique style as well as introducing new genres of music to the country.  

As an established Arab icon, Barakat not only toured the middle east but he also toured  Australia, Canada, the United States, and South America. 

5. Nancy Ajram 

Nancy is one of the most famous Arab pop icons in our modern world. She began performing at a small age and grew into the position she now has.  

Moreover, Nancy has an established and frim fanbase that consists of all demographics. She also produced some children’s songs for a while. She is an award-winning singer as well as a goodwill un ambassador who is doing her part to help unfortunate children in Lebanon.  

6. Ragheb Alama 

Ragheb Alama produced the first Arabic song to ever have a music video in the Arab world. Throughout his career, Alama produced many famous singles as well as albums. Moreover, he is a United Nations Ambassador for Climate Change. 

Throughout his lengthy career, Ragheb Alama achieved wide acclaim in the middle east and in his home country Lebanon. He also won many awards for his accomplishments in the Arabic pop world. 

7. Elissa  

Elissar Zakaria Khoury is one of the most famous Lebanese singers today. She is also one of the best-known singers in the Arab world. Since 2005, Ellisa has been considered among the highest-selling female Middle Eastern artists. Moreover, she won a lot of awards during her career.  

Though she studied political science in college, she pursued a full musical career after graduation. Moreover, she is an outspoken advocate of women’s rights in the Middle East. 

8. Nasri Chams El Dine 

Chams El Dine was another prominent Lebanese singer during the 1950s. He collaborated with a lot of artists as well as produced a number of hits throughout the years. Moreover, he used to perform a lot with Fairuz before the Lebanese civil war. 

furthermore, Nasri’s last actions were true to the way he lived his life since he died on stage in the middle of his performance.  

9. Najwa Karam 

As a Lebanese singer and songwriter, Karam is infamous for her vocal powerhouse as well as her amazing Mawwal talents. Najwa has been on the rise since the start of her career in the ’80s. She produced many award-winning singles as well as albums. She also collaborated with many renewed middle eastern singers. 

Moreover, during her lengthy career, Najwa has performed in many countries around the globe.  

10. Majida El Roumi 

Majida El Roumi Baradhy has carved the path for most of the modern opera Arabic singers today. Moreover,  Majida began performing at the age of 16 and continued to rise through the ranks in her career ever since.  

Throughout her career, El Roumi collaborated with many internationally renewed classical singers as well as won many awards for her mesmerizing performances. Furthermore, she is a UN ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization and she works hard on bettering her country and the world. 


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