20 things to do and see in Lebanon

Lebanon is a great country to spend a vacation in. The delightful mix of rich history, nature, and modernity makes the country very appealing for locals and tourists alike.

Thus, if you’re looking for things to do and see while in the country, you came to the right place. The following are some of the must-visit places and must-do activities in this beautiful country:  

1. Visit the Baatara Gorge Waterfall 

Located in Tannourine, the waterfall is an amazing natural sight. The place offers an extraordinary hiking experience for everyone. Moreover, the Gorge waterfall has 3 natural bridges where you can admire the entire place while hiking down the valley. Furthermore, The area is very popular for various kinds of sports activities. 

2. Admire Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa 

Overlooking the city of Jounieh, this place provides a historical window for Lebanon’s culture. The Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon is a Marian shrine where people of all religions visit and appreciate. Tourists also get to enjoy a Téléphérique ride on the way to reaching this place. Moreover, the Lebanese dubbed the statue as “Queen of Lebanon” once the shrine was completed. 

3. Discover Cedars of Lebanon 

Perhaps one of the most unique Lebanon features is its unique cedars. The country has many different cedar forests but the oldest one is Cedars of God Bcharre. There you can wander in peace while admiring the beauty of these ancient and proud trees. 

4. Marvel the breathtaking Jeita Grotto 

One of the must-see places while visiting the country is this natural breathtaking grotto. Covered in limestone that has formed over thousands of years, grotto offers amazing views. You can wander safely in this underground heaven or sail on a boat in its river. Moreover, not only is the cave considered the longest cave system in the Middle East, but it also contains one of the largest hanging stalactites in the whole world. 

5. Visit the Temple of Jupiter  

Located in Baalbek, the Beqaa Valley, the temple is proof of the roman’s presence in the country’s history.  It is considered to be the biggest temple dedicated to Jupiter in all the Roman empire as well as one of the largest remains of the Roman world. There, you’ll get in touch with the country’s rich history as you wander and take photos between the remains. 

6. Explore Downtown Beirut 

As the center of the city, the central district of Beirut takes pride in its modern and sterile atmosphere. The downtown merges the past with the present in a luxurious way. Visitors get to enjoy the high-end designer stores. They also get to take in the beautiful modern architecture while enjoying a tasty bite in the outdoor cafes.  

7. Scout and camp in the Bekaa Valley 

Appreciate the environmental beauty of Lebanon as you fill your day scouting this mesmerizing region. The entire area is filled with an amazing secret location where you can rediscover your soul while enjoying the neverending green sights. Moreover, visitors can indulge in many different outdoor sports there. 

8. Discover Beiteddine Palace 

The palace is considered one of Lebanon’s greatest cultural treasures. There, visitors get to admire the flawless architecture, historic mosaics, and priceless decorations.  

However, the palace is built on a tragedy. To ensure that no one ever duplicates it, the hands of the architect who built the palace were cut off. 

9. Explore the Byblos Archaeological Site 

These ruins are the footprint of the oldest inhabited sites in the world. The actual historical significance of these remains is literally still being uncovered. Thus, wondering between them is like taking a stroll between the unknown pages of history.  

Located in Jbeil Lebanon, this site is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates culture and history. 

10. Moussa Castle 

This castle is an embodiment of humans realizing and achieving their dream. Located in Tahouitet El Ghadir, the entire palace was built by the hands of one ambitious poor man. Moussa dreamt about having his own castle despite being poor and being beaten by a teacher who mocked his dream.  

After building it, Moussa filled the castle with his gun collection, daggers, swords, and Bedouin jewelry as well as wax figures depicting scenes from Lebanon’s reality during the 1960s. There is also one room showing a teacher striking a student which was his most painful memory.  

11. hike in Qurnat Al  Sawda 

As Lebanon’s highest point, it offers many fascinating views. Hiking while absorbing scenery along the way is simply very spectacular. Visitors can also explore the abandoned Cedar’s Ski Resort, for a post-apocalyptic, horror-themed experience.  

There, you can go on an adventure while appreciating a breath of fresh air. 

12. check out “the egg” 

This site provides an insight into the horrors that the country went through during the war. Before the war, it used to be a modernist movie theater. However, now it only serves as a reminder of the painful past where visitors get to explore. In 2019, protestors filled it with the art of the Lebanese untamed and free spirit.  

13. Tower of Claudius 

Located in Kesrouane, the ruin’s original purpose remains a mystery for archaeologists. They were either once a part of a tower, a tomb, or a temple. The writing on the door dedicates Roman Emperor Claudius and the god Beelgalasos. 

Visitors are free to explore the open grounds along with the three smaller altars surrounding it. 

14. Enjoy Sidon’s Sea Castle 

Built around 4000 BC, the castle remains one of the most prominent archaeological sites in the area. It was first built as a fortress, but now visitors from around the world wonder and explore its ancient rooms.  

You can have the perfect view as the sun set in the Mediterranian sea during the final minutes of light there. 

15. Explore the National Museum of Beirut 

The museum is the number one institute as the leading collector for ancient Phoenician objects in the country. The museum offers a historical window for many different cultures.  

16. Day-tripping in Tripoli 

Explore the amazing city filled with a traditional atmosphere. From the bustling souks to the winding cobbled streets, Tripoli is bound to fill your middle eastern craving. 

Moreover, Feel the welcoming vibe of the city as you explore it and wander between its alleys. 

17. Enjoy the Lebanese cuisine 

Being a melting point of many cultures, Lebanon prides itself on its amazing local food. The country is a host to a wide range of restaurants where you get to eat all of your heart’s desire. The country also has food menus from all over the world. 

18.  Visit Mim Museum 

Located in Beirut, this private mineral museum exhibits more than 1800 minerals, representing some 400 different species from over 70 countries. There, visitors get to admire nature’s creation and learn more about them. 

19. Visit Deir Al Qamar 

Deir al Qamar provides an extraordinary showcase of Arab architecture. There,  visitors can explore the Mosque of Emir Fakhreddine Maan as well as shop in the nearby stores. Moreover, visitors can visit the cultural center “silk khan”  located above and behind the souq. 

20. Explore Memoire Du Temps 

The Byblos Fossil Museum is a must-see for all adventure lovers. There, visitors get to first-hand discover why Lebanon is considered the country with the largest collection of fish fossils in the world. 

Moreover, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to join on the occasional fossil hunt with the staff. 


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