10 Reasons to Invest in Lebanon

Located in the middle of three very different continents which are  Europe, Asia, and Africa, Lebanon is the bond tying the East with the West. Moreover, It is a great place where locals and internationals get to enjoy the country’s many perks. Furthermore, Lebanon can prove to be the ideal  country to invest in for many different reasons such as: 

1. The country’s Strategic Geographical location 

Being located between on the crossroads of three continents has long been a triumph card for Lebanon. The location has influenced the tiny Mediterranean country’s unique cultural and economic history since the begging of time. The country’s economic traditions are collective knowledge from the Babylonians, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, and Turks cultures that used to live in the country.  

Lebanon’s location also served as a gateway to other countries in the Middle East and many emerging economies. Moreover, its geography has played a significant role as a  transshipment point between a variety of Middle-Eastern countries and overseas. Thus the country links its population to a market of more than 500 million people. 

2. The benefits of the free Market Economy 

Lebanon takes pride in its liberal investment policies that allow the economy to be driven by the efforts of free enterprise and private initiative. Moreover, not only is the country considered to have the most liberal investment climate in the MENA region, but it also ranked as one of the freest economies regionally and internationally.

Furthermore, the government encourages private investments as well as free-market competition by not maintaining any legal restrictions on the entry or exit of firms. It is also well known for its non‐interventionist stance in the middle east region.  

3. Nourishing a Liberal Financial Environment 

Lebanon boasts an ideal environment for economic investments since it has a great banking structure. Such structure includes a free foreign exchange market, full currency convertibility policies, along with no restrictions on the inward or outward movement of capital. Moreover, this Middeterean country is greatly known for its most liberal financial environment with a free exchange regime along the MENA regions.  

4. Offering  a wide variety of New Investment Opportunities 

The wide variety of investment opportunities in the country spreads across all the different kinds of sectors. From tourism to agriculture as well as information technology, and all the way to energy, Lebanon offers investors many options to choose from.

Moreover, with representing a point of entry to a large regional market, Lebanon serves as a good investment ground. Moreover, since the recent discovery of offshore natural gas deposits, the country plans on reducing its energy dependence. Hence, it will offer numerous opportunities in such related sectors.  

5. Moderate Tax Rates 

Even as a third world country, Lebanon boasts one of the lowest taxation schemes along with the lowest fiscal charges in the world. With maximum tax rates of 15% for companies and 20% for individuals, the country attracts many investors from all over the world. Moreover, the country takes pride in its efficient business environment which is considered one of the most attractive, moderate, and competitive around the globe. 

6. New and Expanding Infrastructure 

Over the past years, Lebanon has been working on bettering its infrastructure which is expected to become one of the best in the region. The country has been experimenting with state-of-the-art telecommunications, expanding port facilities, and planning an ambitious road rehabilitation program.

Therefore, The new infrastructure will facilitate economic possibilities. On the other hand, the old infrastructure consisting of poor mobile communication systems also allows for economic possibilities to grow the emerging market. 

7. Unique Living Environment 

In Lebanon, investors get to enjoy the most unique and hospitable MENA destination. The country is well known with vibrant nightlife, moderate Mediterranean climate, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Moreover, Lebanon is popular for its top-notch health care services as well as its internationally boasted quality of medical centers and staff. 

In addition, the country offers a lot of fascinating areas to visit. It is full of tourist attractions and activities across breathtaking natural landscapes.  

8. Facilities and services for Investors 

For a great investment experience as well as to attract investments into growth-promising sectors, the government offers a series of facilities and incentives to both national and foreign investors.  

Moreover, it provides one of the most comprehensive programs in the MENA region which is The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL). The program’s goal is to retain investments in Lebanon. Furthermore, IDAL’s “One-Stop-Shop” Service helps investors to obtain the official permits and licenses needed to implement their projects in a fast, strategic, and seamless way.  

In addition, the country provides incentives for offshore companies such as exempting chairman-general managers and foreign employees. Moreover,  the transfer of shares is not subjected to stamp duties and is exempted from taxation. 

9. Qualified and Competitive Workforce 

Lebanon is blessed with a more than 2 million populated well educated and multi-talented workforce. However, despite the high quality of the workforce, 70% of the population generates an annual income of less than USD 10,000 according to the World Bank. thus,  

skilled labor is widely available in the country, yet at moderate fees.  

10. well-known risk-takers 

Lebanon is filled with a risk-taking population. Not only are Lebanese citizens always eager to try new ideas and methods, but they also are in love with grabbing new opportunities and experiencing more. Furthermore, they don’t mind taking a risk that in return might help in developing their dear country. 

Moreover, The main investors in Lebanon are France, UAE, USA, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Jordan, and Egypt. Such investors focus mainly on trade, real estate, services, tourism, and agriculture. The country creates an amazingly flexible and lucrative vibe where local and international business people get to thrive in its diverse enterprise. 


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