10 Contemporary Art Galleries in Beirut You Should Visit

Due to the county’s unique location, Lebanon serves as a melting point for many different cultures. Thus, the capital’s art galleries provide a fascinating insight into modern art and culture in the region.

The following art galleries in Beirut will ensure that you know the reason why Beirut is held as the cultural and intellectual capital of the Arab world. 

1. Beirut Art Center 

As one of the leading cultural voices of Beirut, this center serves as a non-profit organization to produce, present, and promote local and international art pieces. Moreover,  the BAC displays a wide range of artistic forms in its exhibition space. They also value photography and video arts a lot.  

Furthermore, the two-floor building contains an auditorium room for screenings, concerts, and performance shows, as well as other available spaces for Educational workshops, conferences, and lectures.  

There, visitors can learn more about the arts in the library as they access a special archive filled with digital, art-related media. 

2. Art On 56th 

Hosted in a beautiful and historical building in Gemmayzeh, this art gallery is something else. Not only is the building a place to display the arts but it is also a work of art by itself. From the beautiful architecture to the arched windows and tiled floors, the art exhibit is simply gorgeous. 

Though the gallery mainly hosts the work of contemporary painters, the space is open to all art forms such as sculpture, work on paper, photography, and video. 

Moreover, despite being relatively new, the gallery displays pieces for ambitious artists like Rana Raouda and Naim Doumit. 

3. Artlab 

Artlab provides a platform where artists get to go wild and experiment with their art. The gallery also offers the art-loving community a place to experience, enjoy, discuss arts while acquiring any of the displayed masterpieces. 

Moreover, The place merges the past with the future since it takes place on the ground floor of a historical building dating back to the 1950s. Furthermore, Artlab is a great platform that encourages Syrian artists who express their journey within art mediums. It is considered also one of the best venues that display the evolution of Syria’s contemporary art. 

4. Art Factum 

Art Factum Gallery is a fresh space that provides a platform for young and emerging international and Middle Eastern artists all while representing a number of renowned ones. Moreover, this venue is a welcoming home for arts of all kinds from paintings and photography, design and illustration, to installation and video. Here, art-loves get to thoroughly enjoy unique and fresh forms of art. 

5. Janine Rubeiz Gallery 

This gallery will provide you with the perfect opportunity to have a taste of Lebanese art and culture. The gallery’s mission has been to promote Lebanese contemporary artists locally and internationally since 1967. 

 Moreover, as a legacy to “Dar el Fan” that was destroyed during the war, this platform also has faith in the power of art. It is established on the belief that artistic activities have the ability to foster communication among communities, offer enrichment through diversity, combat all forms of discrimination, stop hatred and war, and cultivate peace. 

6. Ayyam Gallery  

With the objective of giving the Arab world’s finest artists the international recognition they deserve, Ayyam Gallery is one of the finest leading arts organizations in the country.  Moreover, it has a widely respected multilingual publishing division that facilitates international interactions as well as a custodianship program that manages the estates of pioneering artists. 

Furthermore, the gallery played a significant role in documenting the region’s art history. 

7. Mark Hachem Gallery 

From Paris to New York and now in Beirut, Mark Hashem has played a significant role in the art world. His galleries are always considered innovative and unique modern platforms for contemporary arts, and this one in Beirut is no different. 

This exhibit’s artwork ranges widely in form, from sculpture to photography and painting to drawing. Moreover, the art pieces often tackle a topical, political, or cultural issue. 

Furthermore, the gallery hosted the works of great artists such as photographer Samer Mohdad and painter Mona Trad Dabaji, and Syrian artists Ahmad Moualla, Sabhan Adam, and Yasser Safi. 

8. Sfeir-Semler Gallery 

This gallery is mainly concerned with the minimalist side of the arts while concentrating on international contemporary art more so than the national. Furthermore, the gallery is the sister of a branch in Germany which was opened there 20 years earlier before the one in Beirut. 

Moreover, The Gallery features a broad range of mediums from a mix of international artists all while nurturing a unique cross-cultural link between Western and Middle Eastern artworks. 

9. Beirut Exhibition Center 

As a non-profit institution, this center creates a space for a flourishing collaborative environment that focuses on art museums, galleries, artist collectives, and cultural institutions. 

Moreover, the center collaborates with important international cultural institutions in Lebanon and abroad to gain further exposure.  

Furthermore, the gallery often presents solo exhibitions along with shows that explore the history of Eastern art.  

10. Hamazkayin Art Gallery 

Founded in 2009, The Hamazkayin Lucy Tutunjian Art Gallery’s main purpose is to bring great art to the people of Lebanon and the region. It also serves as a platform to promote works of artists with different backgrounds and styles all while being an open space filled with creativity and ambitiousness. 

The gallery also provides art lovers of all kinds with a space to meet and engage with one another. Moreover, the art gallery plays a unique role in strengthening the Lebanese-Armenian cultural bond. 


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