10 Beaches You Should Explore this Summer in Lebanon

Spread along the Mediterranean Coast, Lebanon is proved to be an ideal destination for a vacation during the summer season. Moreover, the country is a host to many amazing beaches that ought to soothe any craving you have for a perfect holiday.

Furthermore, Lebanon is known for its pleasant weather which makes the country even more so enjoyable.  The following beaches are considered the top beach destinations in Lebanon: 

1. Benny Beach 

Also known as Al Heri or Chekka beach, this beach is found in the northern coastal town of Chekka. There, visitors get to enjoy its shimmery sandy coast and crystal clear water for only a minimal entrance fee.  

Benny beach is considered a relatively hidden gem where families, couples, and friends relax and enjoy themselves. It gives you the opportunity to revive your soul all while making some beautiful and unique memories. Moreover,  visitors are welcome to enjoy a variety of watersports there. 

2. The White Beach 

Located in Batroun, the beach has been welcoming all visitors since 1988. The beach is mostly known for its amazing white coast that offers visitors a great sense of peace and serenity.  

In the restaurants and cafes near the beach, you’ll get to experience the great Lebanese cuisine along with a wide variety of food. Moreover, while the beach fee is low, the white beach isn’t often crowded or populated.  

Furthermore, guests are welcome to enjoy the beach parties and festivals held there all summer.  

3. Tyre Beach 

Tyre’s public beach is highly known as one of the best and cleanest beaches in Lebanon. With no entry fee, everyone is welcome to enjoy the hot sun and refreshing unaltered crisp blue shore.  

Located south of Beirut, the beach offers great dining options along with drinks and desserts. Moreover, not only do visitors enjoy several beach activities held there, but they can also take a cool road trip to explore the amazing surrounding places.  

4. Pierre & Friends 

If you’re looking for the perfect beach to enjoy Lebanon’s nightlife, Pierre beach is the perfect one for you. Best known globally for its beach bars and energetic exciting atmosphere, Pierre and Friends is a refreshingly cool getaway for a day and night filled with fun, food, drinks, and adventure.  

Moreover, visitors are often enchanted by the beach’s beauty as the sun starts to set and the DJ’s music roars with the waves. There, lounge chairs are sprawled along rocks and sand where you can enjoy your food or cocktail while enjoying the heat of the sun. 

5. Rabbits Island 

Just off Tripoli’s coast, the Rabbits island is a perfect getaway for a peaceful holiday. In this natural and isolated reserve, families, couples, and friends wonder and enjoy nature and the peaceful coast.  

Free of the entrance charge, the visitors only need to pay for the transportation taking them for this heavenly paradise. There they’ll find hairs and umbrellas waiting for them to enjoy as they bath in the heat of the sun. 

6. The Sporting Club Beach 

Located in Lebanon’s capital Beirut, This marvelous beach blends the aura of luxury and the Lebanese vibe perfectly. Visitors get to experience the wonderful 5-star seafood at the Feluka restaurant upstairs. 

There, you’ll often find a lot of you’ll find sun-lovers basking in the Lebanese sun, enjoying the waves and partying and swaying to the sound of music. Moreover, the beach includes two large swimming pools as well as a small pool for kids. 

7. Lazy B 

Ideally located on the southern coast of Jiyeh, lazy B is proven to be one of the best beach destinations in the country. True to its name this beach will offer you a fun and carefree holiday. Moreover, not only does the resort feature three natural swimming pools but also a large sandy beach along with three freshwater swimming pools. 

Furthermore, the resort offers relaxation, serenity, and peace along with balconies overlooking the Mediterranean. Visitors also get to taste the Lebanese exquisite menu with the fish restaurant and several snack shops and bars there. In addition, this resort has a massage and well-being area. Thus, lazy B is the perfect destination for a fun summer holiday.   

8. O-Glacee 

Located on the shore of Batroun, O-Glacee is a well-known surfing and sailing spot. Moreover, this beach is a more affordable option for those looking for a good beach party. It offers a lot of beach activities along with a fun and exciting atmosphere. 

Not only does this spot have a beach bar, beach access, and lounge areas but it also has a small river-like pool.  

9. Florida Beach 

In the midst of tranquility and peacefulness of Lebanon’s mountains, Florida beach and resort offers its visitors a great summer experience. This beach resort houses, some luxurious hotel rooms, elite suites, and chalets all while ensuring that their guests enjoy a memorable stay by the seashore. 

Moreover, The top-notch seafood restaurant and the large outdoor swimming pool are one of this resort’s highlights. Furthermore, there, visitors get to Indulge in an adrenaline-pumping Jet ski experience along with other fascinating activities.  

10. Loco beach  

Loco beach simply and uniquely combines comfort and style with the simplicity and modesty of the beach town. Located in the Batroun, guests enjoy the peaceful Turquoise blue water and the hot summer sun during the day. 

Then during the night, the beach allows you to quietly indulge in all the pleasures while enjoying music and cocktails. Furthermore, Chilled out music is played throughout the week and every Sunday afternoon a live band plays there. 


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