A Victory without the King

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In the last game in the Final 6 for Riyadi, they played against Blue Stars in Manara and won by 16 points. The absence of Tony Madison, did not affect the team; however, the Lebanese Rosters accompanied with Calvin Warner, the new foreigner, did a great job and opened the game with eight zero run. FAC system paralyzed the blue team from scoring. This gave Warner the chance to set the audience on fire with his crazy DUNKS. Riyadi leaded the game from the first whistle and ended the game 101 – 85.

Fouad Abu Chakra started the game with Ali Mahmoud, Omar Turk, Ali Fakherdin, Joe Vogel and Calvin Warner. The best scorer between Riyadi players was Calvin Warner with 30 pts, and then Ali Mahmoud with 29 pts.

While Kousay Hatim started the game with Jean Abd Nour, Roni Fahid, Roni Fields, Johnny Taylor and Ahmad Azair. The best scorer of the game was Johnny Taylor with 32 pts. The four quarter came as follows:

  • First Quarter: 33 – 13
  • Second Quarter: 29 – 21
  • Third Quarter: 20 - 26
  • Fourth Quarter: 19 – 25

Blue Stars still have one game against Sagesse to end the Final 6. The two teams will also play against each other in the final four; while Riyadi will face Champville.

Article  20 Comments