Samsung Electronics Levant and Cherfane Tawil & Co Launch the 'Samsung 2012 Smart TV'

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Samsung Electronics Levant and Cherfane Tawil & Co, the official distributor for Samsung, the world leader in consumer electronics and digital technology, have stirred a new revolution in Lebanese homes by announcing the launch of the new Samsung 2012 Smart TV during a press conference held at Le Royal Hotel in Dbayeh.

During the event, the Audio Visual Department at Samsung presented its latest offering in home entertainment, the 2012 Smart TV, which left the audience in awe at its state-of-the-art characteristics and ‘smart’ features. Media attendees were also given the opportunity to personally experience the Smart Interaction TV.

The Samsung 2012 Smart TV combines an attractive, elegant design with sophisticated smart content and interactive features. Users can discover the future of Smart TV through voice command, facial recognition, and motion control by way of a build-in camera, which also lets the user switch the TV on and off, change channels, and open different applications, among other actions. In addition, Smart Evolution enables users to easily evolve their TV’s hardware, firmware, software, and interface. This will allow them to enjoy the latest home entertainment technology and features of a brand new TV year after year without having the need to buy a new one.

Samsung's Smart TV enters the world of online entertainment by presenting smart content available through three signature services: Family Story, Fitness, and Kids. Samsung Family Story allows family members to save and share memos and photos, while Fitness gives consumers a convenient way to stay healthy and maintain their weight goals. The Kids service helps children participate in a range of entertaining yet educational activities, and records their progress over time. 

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sangsuk Roh, President of Samsung Electronics Levant, said: “We constantly strive to provide the Lebanese market with the latest technological developments and aim at putting it in the hands of our Lebanese consumers, who have been known for their passion in adopting the latest in the world of technology. So here we are today presenting them with the smartest TV through our concept of “Smarter Life, A Smarter World". He added, “This TV redefines the concept of entertainment, and will draw in consumers who have been looking for the clever, integrated approach to technology that old-generation TVs lack.”

Also commenting on the occasion, Mr. Eddy Cherfane, CEO of Cherfane Tawil & Co said: “With the launch of the Samsung 2012 Smart TV, we are affirming our commitment to innovation by providing customers with a smart entertainment experience unlike any other. By integrating a dual core processor within sophisticated design elements, the multifunctional TV enables users to run various applications at the same time." He added: “The user can now control and interact with their TV as they wish, from channels content and movie downloads to fun, educational applications for children, and even home exercise programs.” Ambassador for Samsung in Lebanon Mr. Nadim Mehanna, engineer and media celebrity, noted the impact that this technology has had, saying: “Samsung has succeeded over the last few years in proving its leadership and becoming an important part of our daily lives, to understand what Samsung means you have to experience it like I did.”

In line with the launch of the 2012 Smart TV in Beirut, Samsung Electronics Levant and Cherfane Tawil & Co held a training workshop for sales representatives and technology specialists from major electronic retailers aimed at introducing them to the latest in home entertainment technology and providing them with up-to-date information to better serve the Lebanese consumers.

Article  20 Comments