Sultan Tarab gets the one cornetto treatment: George goes to Italy

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The wife of huge Syrian singer convalescent George Wassouf has confirmed recent news reports about her uber-celeb husband’s upcoming trip to Italy. George’s wife, Shalimar, said that George and their son (George junior) would head to Italy - famed for its convalescence, as a choice spot for healing with its sun-kissed coastlines.

During this planned relaxathon, he will be taking advantage of Italy's spa and physiotherapy facilities, not least the recuperative sea-air, to treat the hand that was partially paralyzed as a result of the devestating brain stroke that he suffered several months ago.

The First Lady to this first Syrian super star specified that her husband would remain in Italy for two weeks, stopping of in Rome before

returning to Beirut. George’s health has been improving incredibly since his treatment at the Bahans Hospital in Lebanon, as a recent Facebook-posted photo of him with his family testifies.

In October of 2011, George was admitted at the American University Hospital of Beirut following his abrupt shocker brainstroke during the turmoil of the Arab Spring. George began receiving physical therapy at the Bahans Hospital, and now looks more like the picture of a recovered man that all had prayed to see.

Article  20 Comments